Wanting a new G gauge project, live steam posed a suitable challenge.

The Australian Model Engineer’s Edwin project was a good place to start.

But I did want an NZR locomotive to complement my existing Model T and Fiat railcars. A search of New Zealand Railway Steam Locomotive Classes soon revealed the 'A', 0-4-0T, at the head of the list.

The provision of dimensioned elevation drawings by a fellow modeler was all I needed to make a start. Using the free drawing software, DraftSight, I traced over scanned images of the side and end elevations. This is a technique that I have used on my two previous models. Having scaled them to 1:24, I determined that the loco was only 228mm over the buffers!

Already having pieces of brass sheet, (ex scrap metal yards), I started by making the side frames and end beams. The four wheels were turned from bronze stock, coming from another modeler’s workshop. I was quite pleased when I managed to get the assembled coupling rods and wheels turning freely. And yes, there had to be some inbuilt slack.

The boiler, which is 120mm long x 40mm diameter, has now been pressure tested. So to has the butane gas tank.

I am now making the steam and gas valves and the poker burner. Ronson filler valves and a gas jet have been purchased from Chuffed2bits.com.

Early on, I decided that I would not tackle the boiler until I had an engine that would run on compressed air. However, on realizing that the boiler/burner was probably easier to construct than the engine, I have pursued them. After all, if I can’t raise sufficient steam to make the whole thing run, then there is no point in going any further.

Only time will tell whether this project ever gets off the ground, or is that onto the rails.

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26.02 | 08:23

this is a beautiful model. I first saw a ststic DM model at Napiers Lillip...

29.04 | 04:09

Fantastic video Dean!

20.08 | 11:21

Thats great Dean love to see the video.