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 The motor mounting frame is folded up from strip aluminium.

The actual motor support is made from plastic sheet 10mm thick.

This is fixed into the frame by two bolts. Another bolt clamps the

motor into the support.




Showing the motor fitted into the frame.



Showing the frame bottom supported in the hull, and the servo linking wire.

To down load a .pdf file of the motor frame  click here


And yes, it does go faster.🙂

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26.02 | 08:23

this is a beautiful model. I first saw a ststic DM model at Napiers Lilliputt model exhibition aged 7 and always remembeted it. Congratulations I love your wor

29.04 | 04:09

Fantastic video Dean!

20.08 | 11:21

Thats great Dean love to see the video.