Our Balloon Adventure.

Recently I was fortunate to be given a gift voucher for a balloon flight. So off we went!!

Enjoy the ride with us.................

The basket.
Testing the flame
Getting the balloon ready on a very frosty morning.
Starting to fill the envelope with cold air.
The inside view.
Almost away.
Yes, we are UP now.
Guess who.
Amazing views.
Martyn, our pilot.
It's all over!!
Packing it away again.
Bubbly all round, served by Paul.
Breakfast time in a farmer's field.

It was a wonderful experience.

Aoraki Balloon Safaris flying out of Methven, Canterbury, New Zealand, gave us a great ride.

Thank you very much.

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26.02 | 08:23

this is a beautiful model. I first saw a ststic DM model at Napiers Lilliputt model exhibition aged 7 and always remembeted it. Congratulations I love your wor

29.04 | 04:09

Fantastic video Dean!

20.08 | 11:21

Thats great Dean love to see the video.